Rusutsu, Japan


Why We Like It...

Our balaclava is made from a mid-weight material and is the perfect balance between warmth and breathability. This also minimises the risk of your goggles fogging up.


The beauty of a balaclava is that is provides an extra layer of head warmth (under your beanie / helmet) without being too bulky. It also alows for easy transition between full face cover to neck warmer and anything inbetween.


* Please note that this is a "semi functional" map as your face will replace some of the info. It looks amazing though!



One size fits all... unless you have a head the size of Bigfoot. This material has a 4 way stretch and will accomodate most humans without issue.



95% Polyester / 5% Spandex



Hand wash in room temp water with minimal amount of soap. Treat it kind and it will last for years.

Rusutsu Balaclava