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Check out some of the hard working local Aussie brands we support and work with!

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EMS Logo.jpg

A destination conference run by EMS Conferences Australia breaks through the traditional format of "boring old conferences". Instead of being stuck in a room getting sent to sleep by slides, we encourage people to get out and make the most of the idyllic locations where our events are held. We have timed our sessions perfectly to allow for this whilst maximising the PD points you need to achieve each year. Conferences cater to all health professionals with strong focus on Emergency Care.

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Slug Skis Partner Snow Ski Maps

At Slug Skis we think Skiing is rad. We yearn for the Glory days of old, when Skiers ruled the mountains, shredding from Dawn til Dusk, head to toe in Fluro, paving the way for the sport we all know and love today.

Inspired by the retro, winter legends of the 80s and 90s, Slug Skis is bringing back outrageous outerwear with a flare of Newschool Steeze.

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Sweet Mits Logo.jpg

The Sweetmitts team started with the desire to visually portray the love & fun we are lucky enough to experience in the snow sports community. their designs allow you to showcase the outrageous creativity, outlandish flair and overall steez that our sports encompass.


Sweetmitts are proud to offer the highest quality, most unique merchandise on the market today.


Stand out in style this winter and wear the flair.

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NBD Logo.jpg

No Bad Daze is a mindset we've adopted in the last few years. It's about finding the positives in every situation throughout your day. We're passionate about Skiing and Snowboarding and we're bridging the gap between punk rock style and ski and snowboarding culture.


All our products are ethically sourced and we use biodegradable packaging for our mailers. We're here to enjoy the ride. NBD

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Jalap Logo.jpg

We’re are addicted 'that feeling'... that feeling of tearing up the mountain with your best mates, jumping back on the lift and doing it all over again day in day out... that feeling of exploring new terrain and trying new tricks. It's plain and simple, its clear as day. 

Starting Jalapeno Board Company is the very first stepping-stone along the path to making 'that feeling' an every day occurrence. Were here because we love to board, and just want to surround ourselves with good people, good gear and good times.

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Screenshot_2021-06-30 SnowStash - Ski Resort Travel.png

2020 has been quite the year for everyone across the globe. Whilst we got used to our new lives in home offices and on the couch, we at SnowStash missed out on the Australian winter snow season. As the year went on, we tired quickly of looking at Instagram videos and after spending hours planning our future snow holidays, we thought to ourselves, if we spend this much time dreaming and planning maybe there are others out there who also are a bit addicted.

From this SnowStash was born. We had not seen anywhere on the internet where a comprehensive collection of resort information was compiled and done with a super clean user experience. The internet is a wonderful place full of dreams and aspirations and we wanted to allow people to explore what makes snow and ski resorts so wonderful. 

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Screenshot_2021-06-30 Brands We Love — SnowStash(3).png

After multiple torn crotches, never quite bending down fully out of fear of ripping the backside of my pants, and still somehow managing to get snow down my backside, I decided enough is enough. Nobody's Princess was born.


I'm working to design the best fitting snow pants for women, ever. Working with an experienced snow apparel designer, we are identifying the pain points that women experience, and making your snow pants everything they need to be.

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SuperHillBomber Logo.jpg

Super Hill Bomber was born from Jay’s two passions; snowboarding and art. Australian snow conditions see lots of sunny days on the mountain, and Australia is one of the few places where it is common to wear a hoodie instead of a snow jacket. 

As a snowboard hoodie lover, jay was constantly disappointed in various hoodies he rode in, commonly missing certain desired features. he decided it was time to make a custom premium snowboard hoodie which he could wear, and finally have the perfect snowboard hoodie of his dreams!

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Shaka Logo.jpg

For decades the hand gesture known as the Shaka has been synonymous with surf culture all over the world. But nobody ever realised that Shakas are dropped just as much in so many other places. We are here to pay homage to those neglected Shakas that are chucked on the daily up in the alpine region.


Established in 2017 in the western suburbs of Melbourne. A rad new take on sweet threads you can wear anywhere not just up in the hills. Chuckashaka!

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Powder Pig Logo.jpg

Powder Pig Snow Brand is a small Australian owned business put together by two filthy individuals.

With snowboarding fashion becoming a huge part of the snow culture, we have created Powder Pig Snow Brand for those who want to keep warm but look fresh out on the slopes.

Visit powder Pig Snow Brand

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Kynee Logo.jpg

Kyneee is a snowboard company established around 2012-13. But the stoke for snowboarding has been in us since our first trips in the late 90s.

We felt like the big companies were lying to us, they all had the same tech with different names. Revolutionary new tech popped up every season, only to be scrapped and forgotten about the next. So we decided to try making our own boards and trying to influence the changes we wanted to see in snowboarding.


Our goal is to make the best quality boards that hold their own, without all the gymics and marketing spin that is now so common in snowboards.

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Field Logo.jpg

FIELD creates high-performance products without an expiration date. Seasonal cosmetic updates to products in the snow industry creates needless waste and a sense of obsolescence in older products. 

By focusing on developing our products and not worrying about seasonal deadlines, FIELD can produce the highest quality products available at a lower price.

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